3 Great Ideas for Creating Facebook Posts

Do you feel like your Facebook page is dead with no one commenting or sharing? If your engagement is down the tubes, there are a few things you can do to help increase it. In addition to paying to promote posts, and your page in general, you can also alter the types of posts you make. If you’re not getting a big reaction to your posts, consider these ideas.

Here are three great ideas for creating Facebook posts:

  1. Use a quote image – These are incredibly popular and you can find them online made by others (make sure you have permission to post) or make your own using a tool like Canva. If you choose quotes that resonate well with your audience, they will perform even better.
  2. Fill in the Blank posts – These posts are great for encouraging interaction but they’ve been done a lot so get creative, be specific to your readers and don’t just toss out generic questions. Use sparingly, and do not overdo this.
  3. Link to a blog post – Don’t just like the post, however. Take a few minutes to write a teaser about the post, ask a question, or otherwise invite engagement about the post on your Facebook page. This is a far better method than just dropping a link and running. Questions are the go to way to boost engagement for anyone – business or personal page.

With these ideas, you are ready to start creating better Facebook posts that people really want to see. The more your engagement increases, the more people see your posts so it’s a pattern that will continue to grow. That’s a win for everyone!

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