Thrifty Mom Media is owned by Paula Schuck

Paula Schuck was an investigative journalist and communications professional who wrote for The Record, The London Free Press and many Canadian magazines. She was an award-winning journalist who took an old media background and crafted a niche in digital media as an authority on parenting issues, special needs, politics, infertility, adoption and social media. Schuck is also one of Canada’s most respected and well read health, travel, tech and lifestyle bloggers with an audience spanning both sides of the border.

In 2012, Schuck created Thrifty Mom Media to meet the needs of her clients who were already asking for consultations and full strategy. Now Thrifty Mom Media specializes in advising non profits and NGO’s on ways to build social media strategy for social good and connect with influencers on line. Thrifty Mom Media delivers full service social media marketing. We build your campaign on all relevant social networks. We build and manage client profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus. We run blogger outreach programs, while also tailoring social media to the needs of each client, conscious of their market, audience and messaging. Together, we can manage, publish, edit and promote buzz, while also measuring and delivering timely results. Also offering Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest training as well as analysis and monitoring of all client channels with frequent reporting.

Thrifty Mom Media can generate the buzz you need to make a splash on social media. Get started today.

Why choose Thrifty Mom Media? Professional service. We have earned a reputation in this space as a professional and creative organization. We generate results and build your business, charity, cause, brand, event, or non profit on line.

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