You may think of Instagram as nothing more than another social media application, but it can also be used for business purposes. The new feature called Instagram Stories can actually help your business in ways you might not have thought of. How often have you wondered what actually goes on during the day inside a specific business setting? Well, other people might also be wondering the same thing about your business.

With Instagram stories, you can share the ins and outs of a day at your office with all of your followers. There’s no worries about too many images, all of the images you share during the day will be shown as a slideshow and will go away in 24 hours. This enables you, as a businessperson to showcase your amazing team, your products, and your day-to-day business life. The more relatable a company is to the average Joe the more likely that Joe, or Jane, is to patronize your business.

How Can Instagram Stories Help Your Business?

So if you make fancy cupcakes, why not snap photos of each step of the process? You can start with the mixing, snap some of the baking process and then take some pictures of the decorating too. Show off your amazing displays and maybe add a 10% off coupon image to get people in the door. Instagram is a wonderful tool for brands, businesses and influencers alike. Instagram Stories is a new approach that will help your business.

What creative ways can you think of to use it?


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