Business Blogging When You Have No Ideas

Blogging? You’re a business person, so what do you know about blogging? That may be what you think when you try to come up with ideas for your business blog, but as the person who runs a business there is no one more suitable to blog about your business than you! Who else could share the small details that make your business unique? Who else would know more about your day-to-day operations?

If you feel like you get stuck for ideas to blog about for your business, don’t worry.

When you’re short on ideas why not put yourself in the shoes of someone who knows nothing about your business and write posts geared to teach them something. For example, if you run a bakery you could write posts or share tips about different aspects of baking or various ingredients that you use and why. Talk about some of your favourite products, some insider tips that help the average baker. Think about explaining the process to a sixth grader for instance and that will help you break it down into simple steps.

A bit of history, a touch of humor, even some “fail” stories all make for a great blog post. Toss in a few images of your products and links to more information and voila you have several different blog post topics. Each blog post doesn’t have to be about “big business” to get readers. It need not be a long essay. Quick and informative works too.

When out of topics consider making a list type post.

Five Products I Can’t Live Without or Five Easy Ways to Ice a Cake or even Five of my Favourite Cake Designs for Weddings. Of course it doesn’t need to be five – that’s just an example.

Need Help Business Blogging?

Reaching the people, customers, suppliers, and other baking fans is the point of a business blog and to do that you need to write about something that will help them. Remember to post regularly and you are off to the races.

Of course if you still don’t have time and you need support writing a business blog that’s one of the things I do to help people succeed on social media.

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