The Best Instagram Filters for Business

If you use Instagram to market your business, you may be wondering what filters you should use. What filter will appeal the most to your target audience? What filters make businesses appear professional? Edgy? Fun? It may depend on the type of business you’re marketing. Let’s take a look at the best Instagram filters for business.

Instagram filters


The Lo-fi filter is one of the brightest Instagram filters the visual platform has to offer. The filter is a popular choice for pictures of food and is also ideal for objects with lots of details. If you own a restaurant or a jewelry store, this filter may be a good choice.


The Amaro filter brightens the center of your photo, while darkening the edges. This can make it a great choice for outdoor photos. If you own a ski resort, run an adventure course, or have a beachside hotel, this may be the right filter for you. Instagram filters can make your resort, beach or travel activity appear more atmospheric evoking emotion with a filter like this one.


The Valencia filter dulls colors to lighten your photo. It’s an ideal filter to use with architectural pictures, which makes it a great choice if you own a construction business or work for a real estate agency.


Rise reduces blemishes by using a yellowish-gold filter. It can be a great Instagram filter choice if you want to promote skin care or beauty products.

No Filter

What better way to show your target audience what your business is all about than to use no filter? This is a great way to show how confident you are in your products or services.

These are just a few of the best Instagram filters for business. Remember that no matter what filter you use, it’s important to post high-quality images that will appeal to your target audience.

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